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Creature Feature

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Creature Feature

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About Author:
Author: SleeknSassy
Country: United States
Portfolio: 73
Joined: 2011.08.06
Type image: Scrap Kits
ID: 103837
Upload date: 2012.10.29
  • Tagger Size. Personal Use. 65 Elements & 7 Papers.

"I'm taking a chance When I turn on the TV Because it's not Bugs and Daffy That I want to see; I'm taking on my nightmares One shriek at a time-- Dracula, the Wolf Man, And Frankenstein. I turn off the lights When the film begins; That ghoulish moment May not come again; Look! The mummy is alive And is out to kill! The Creature is loose, Hiding in the Amazon swill! What if vampires really are The walking dead? Then, I'd better have enough garlic To saturate my bed; You can never tell Where terror abides, And just like the movies, There is nowhere to hide. Suddenly, during a commercial There are heavy footsteps on the floor; If it's a vampire, I'd better not open the door! Alas, I've been smitten By the delicious spell of dread; I'd better turn off the TV And go to bed." -Author: Joel Bjorling Tagger Size. Personal Use. 65 Elements & 7 Papers.

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