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Days of Summer Add to wishlist
Days of Summer Add to wishlist
About Author:
Author: SleeknSassy
Country: United States
Portfolio: 73
Joined: 2011.08.06
Type image: Scrap Kits
ID: 111453
Upload date: 2014.06.13
Downloads: 0
Viewings: 2670
  • 22 Elements & 9 Papers, CU or PU

"Summer breeze blowing the grass around, whirling my hair in every direction. Summer sun kissing my face, Leaving me red, and all sunburned. Summer warmth hugs me, Every time I walk out the door. Summer rain dances with me Who could ask for anything more?" -Ashley Meyers Elements include: Beach Bag (856 x 980) 2 Suns (506 x 475) Umbrella (1713 x 3120) Suntan Lotion (257 x 481) Sunglasses (925 x 373) Beach Chair (1710 x 2008) Camera (870 x 407) Inner Tube (1534 x 1519) Sailboat (693 x 875) Pool (2134 x 1193) Palm Tree (1209 x 2327) Palm Trees w/ Hammock (3463 x 2523) Ball (874 x 823) Sand Castle (1190 x 1034) Sunglasses (816 x 315) Bucket (674 x 1081) 2 Huts (1766 x 2404) 2 Huts w/ Palm Trees (2440 x 2523) Surf Board (854 x 1450) 9 3600 x 3600 Papers

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