Exclusive Club

PicsForDesign Exclusive Club - join now and enjoy:

  1. Full-size previews for all PSP tubes
  2. Free downloads from the exclusive catalogue
  3. Extras for prepaid project investments
  4. Guaranteed monthly loyalty bonus



  1. You can buy 1-month membership, 3-month membership, 6-month membership or 1-year membership. Within 5 minutes, your account status will automatically change from Regular to Exclusive.
    1 month membership gives you 6 exclusive downloads for a period of 30 days (purchase 1 image for only $1.65).
    3 month membership gives you 20 exclusive downloads for a period of 90 days (purchase 1 image for only $1.55).
    6 month membership gives you 38 exclusive downloads for a period of 185 days (purchase 1 image for only $1.55).
    1 year membership gives you 75 exclusive downloads for a period of 370 days (purchase 1 image for only $1.48).
  2. You can download your exclusives any time during your active membership.
  3. If your membership expires and you still have downloads left, you will not lose them. However, the downloads will not be available while you do not have an active club membership. Any remaining downloads will become available to you only once you've purchased another membership.
  4. Each club member gets a guaranteed discount when buying images under commercial licenses and has an opportunity to win a $100-300 prize in a lottery.
  5. If you buy another 1-month membership BEFORE your current 1-month membership runs out, you get +1 download (with a total of 7 for the month instead of 6).
  6. You get a guaranteed monthly loyalty bonus. To get the loyalty bonus in spite of not meeting the purchase requirement (buying three items from the catalogue in the previous month), you must be an active club member on the last day of the month preceding the loyalty gift being given away. Your membership might be running out on that day or you may purchase it one minute before the day is over (our server time!).
  7. Investing 5 dollars in a Prepaid project normally gets you 1 download for yourself + 4 giftable extras. If you are an exclusive club member at the moment of making your investment, you will get 1 extra copy of the tube for every 5 dollars invested (as a single investment).
  8. You are not charged automatically for a new membership in case you purchase it from the account balance. When purchasing a subscription from PayPal or a credit card, it will be renewed automatically.
  9. Each month 15-20 tubes are added to the Exclusive catalog and can be downloaded for free.
  10. Pictures available in the Exclusive club cannot be purchased under PU only license, they are only available for a free download by the club members. However, you are free to purchase them under CU type licenses. PicsForDesign standard Terms apply https://picsfordesign.com/en/main/legal_information.pix

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